Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Accountability in Action

Hello blogworld!!!  

I am a virgin total newbie to this whole blog process, so be gentle with me :)
To start off, I just want yall to know a little about me....
My name is....

My favorite color is...
I am a Georgia peach and I live in Atlanta.  I've lived here all my life and I love the South.  If I haven't lost you at this point with my sugary-sweet disposition ;) I think I am about to because I am a Newlywed!!!  My hottie hubby and I just got married about 3 months ago and we are loving spending every day together and enjoying the exciting adventures each days brings.

Adventures including his fear lazy attitude towards folding clothes, our difference in opinion over the dishwasher, and of course the toliet seat dillema!  :)  I am just teasing, I know that it just takes getting used to living together, but I am allowed to poke fun at the process... I am sure that there are several bad habits quirks about me that get on his nerves!!
living with a man (other than my Daddy or brother) for the first time in my life definitely takes some getting used to!
This blog will be about the many adventures that life throws our way AND *drum roll please*  it will also serve as my accountability-buddy to get fit and skinny!  I know most people gain a little weight when they get married (or at least that is what I tell myself) but I feel like being a newlywed has wrecked my body.  So I am asking you, blogworld, future web friends, and browsing readers, to hold me accountable.  

 I am laying it ALL on the line.  Pictures. Measurements.  WEIGHT.  All of it.  
I've never been 100% confident with my body.  There's always been lots of room for improvement, but I am sick of waiting around, wishing, praying and hoping that things will get better.  I am taking charge of my life AND my love handles and trimming the fat...literally!  I am determined to spend every moment of 2012, healthier than any moment in 2011.  Instead of waiting for the new year to make a resolution, I am changing my life now.  No waiting, no empty promises, no getting out of it. 
For those of you who feel like I the mirror is more of your enemy than your friend.  Like clothing shopping isn't quite as fun as it used to be, I encourage you to join me.  I promise I'll stand by your side through the entire process and encourage you to lose weight in a HEALTHY and safe way.  Not by crash dieting, taking diet pills or endless fad exercises, but by leading a life that is guided by choosing a healthier and more fit path. 
So sit down, have a glass of wine, and some healthy snacks because I am sure this will be quite a bumpy ride.

Here it goes...

I am 5'10" and my starting weight is...........a whooping 172.4 pounds. Disgusting.  You don't believe me?  Here's the proof:

Get excited!  There's sure to be humiliating motivating photos, funny stories and lots of love and laughs in store for the future!

See you soon,


  1. Francesca.. welcome to the blog world! good luck with your weight loss! what an endeavor to take on around the holidays! you can do ittt!!

  2. good luck w/ your weight loss!! we will keep you going!!!

  3. thanks for stopping by my look really cute already...i don't think you look fat!!

  4. Hey! I saw a link to your blog where you'd left a comment somewhere and decided to drop by and visit! Watch out - blogging is addictive! :D

    Also, one tip for getting more readers and commenters, install a Google Friend Connect widget on your sidebar so people can click and get updates when you post a new post :)